Power Principles

Highly successful entrepreneur, business and personal coach, and international speaker, Paul Martinelli is honored to bring you his latest audio program, "Power Principles."  Paul travels around the world teaching individuals, organizations and companies how to achieve their desired results by recognizing and applying their own unique learning model for achievement. Paul is a master at helping people uncover their true potential and define their purpose, mentoring them in the direction of their dreams.

Power Principles is the culmination of Paul Martinelli’s study and work in the field of personal development. In these 10 lessons Paul will help you to create your own learning model for achievement. He explores basic virtues of honesty and courage, and concepts such as focus and leadership to help you “grow forward” towards your life’s vision and purpose.  For orders of 10 or more, please fill out the form below for special pricing.

Power Principles 10 Disk Audio Program

Paul Martinelli Power Principles Audio Program

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From Here To There

Paul Martinelli takes you on an audio journey of self discovery in the classic volumes of the “From Here to There” CD series.  Let Paul’s voice guide you through many of the most positive messages from thought leaders throughout history. For orders of 10 or more, please fill out the form below for special pricing.

From Here to There Volumes I & II
$24.95 + shipping/handling
  From Here to There Volume II
$14.95 + shipping/handling

Features the NEW inspirational song, “That One” from singer/songwriter,
Daniel Nahmod’s top-selling CD, Time for Fire.


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