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I get asked all the time… What do you do Paul? And my answer to that is pretty simple, really. I help people reach their full potential. It’s so complex, yet so simple at the same time.

There are countless facets, strategies, and approaches to accomplishing this goal for me and those I work with, but at the end of the day, it all starts with your mind. It starts with realizing you have unlimited potential, and no matter how far down it’s been buried by you and others. It’s there!

Keep reading below to learn more about me and how I’m helping individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs reach their full potential

A Less Than Ideal Beginning...

What you see today compared to what you saw back then is light years apart. Paul grew up just outside of Pittsburgh, raised with three other siblings by a single mom. And life back then wasn’t easy. Raised in an abusive home, struggling with a stuttering disability and a high-school dropout at the age of 16, the odds were stacked against Paul from the very beginning. But at the same time, it’s this difficulty that has made him who he is today and provided the foundation he uses to help others pull themselves from victim to victor.

Paul Martinelli's Story 

From Adversity To Accomplished Entrepreneur

Although his early years were tough, they are what gave him the fortitude to push forward and become who he is today. Just a few years after leaving high school and with only $200 and a used vacuum, he founded At Your Service cleaning company. This was the first business he built into a multi-million-dollar business and sold, and he has since created and built multiple multi-million-dollar businesses. His latest being the co-founder of The John Maxwell Team, a globally recognized public speaking and training organization with over 20,000 members.

Mentor And Leader

Now, Paul spends the majority of his time studying, teaching and applying the principles of human potential, including leading the Empowered Living community, a social media following of more than 2.3 million people. He has shared the stage with such personal development masters as John Maxwell, Seth Godin, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Nick Vujicic and Zig Ziglar and offers courses, coaching, masterminds and speaking engagements for groups and individuals seeking personal growth, business success and overall fulfillment.


Monica Madden


I guarantee that if you hire Paul Martinelli as your Coach he will by far exceed your expectations. We started our coaching/thinking partner sessions in June, my goal with him was to launch my Parent Mentoring Program in April of next year. Little did I know, that I would be launching in November this Year. With his coaching I launched in 5 months. And to be 100% transparent, had I not hired him, I’d still be THINKING about Parent Mentoring, I had been "thinking" about it for 2.5 years.

Lupe Atencio


I want to thank Paul Martinelli and the Empowered Living team for your dedication and interest in our success and prayers. Rick, you make an extra effort to ensure we have what we need to prepare for our training. You listen to us carefully to lead us to the right programs to meet our personal goals. Paul, I'm looking forward to my success journey, and will begin utilizing the powerful training packages I recently purchased.

Corey Davis


I just want to say how grateful I am for our mentor Paul Martinelli. Paul has been so gracious in helping me build my personal business. He is someone who not only talks but walks and when he says something, he delivers.

Mike Lightner


It is rare to meet someone with such a giving spirit, someone who asks, “how can I help” and truly means it. Someone who values family, our military, and really.. just people in general. And I wanted him to know how much I value that and how much it means to me.

If I can determine my destiny... And my student’s can determine their destiny... YOU can determine your destiny